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Sinopsis: CHAMPION! edisi baru ini dimaksudkan untuk menyegarkan motivasi diri Anda, bukan sekadar sebagai inspirasi atau penyemangat namun bahkan mengubahnya menjadi tindakan. PLUS: 7 POWER STEPS TO BOOST YOUR SELF-ESTEEM "These powerful, exciting stories of success inspiration will open your eyes and your heart to the possibilities within you." —Brian Tracy, Success Guru, author of Change Your Thinking Change Your Life "Darmadi Darmawangsa is the real champion! He always fights like a Tiger and wins like a Champion. Read this book and follow his way!" —Hermawan kertajaya, 50 Gurus Who Have Shaped the Future of Marketing "Practical ideas you can easily implement to create whatever you desire. Packed with timeless wisdom, this is one book you read over and over. Highly recommended reading." —Jim Donovan, author of This is Your Life, Not a Dress Rehearsal

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